Systemic racism and healthcare inequities negatively impact Black and Brown communities, leading to worse outcomes including misdiagnoses, untreated conditions, and increased mortality rates for skin cancer.

In an effort to eliminate the long-standing bias against and exclusion of people of color in skin health and dermatology, Hued and Vaseline® have come together to ignite change and galvanize the medical community to close the gap in care.

This platform was created to meet the skin health needs for people of color by providing trusted resources and education to ensure you and your skin gets the care it deserves. Our resources provide a guide as to why you should see a dermatologist, important questions to ask your dermatologist before and during your first appointment, and how multiple skin conditions show up on different skin tones. Be sure to use our dermatologist search tool to find the right physician to take care of you and your skin. Everyone deserves quality skincare, and we are here to help you take the first step!

We’re working to diversify the patient and doctor connection by connecting patients of color with dermatologists that specialize and specifically understand their cultural, physical, and mental needs.

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At Vaseline, our purpose is to help heal skin everywhere, but this goal cannot be achieved if part of our community doesn’t have access to equal care.

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