Creating equitable and inclusive healthcare through education and access, from the inside out.

HUED measures, tracks, and trains healthcare organizations on health equity and culturally affirming care.

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HUED is a digital health equity company creating equitable and inclusive healthcare experiences for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. We believe equitable care starts with educating healthcare professionals on how to better serve those who are typically overlooked and underserved. In addition to providing patients with education and tools for self-advocacy.

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Our health equity courses are rooted in a research approach that equips healthcare professionals with the ability to offer culturally sensitive and humble care. These courses educate healthcare professionals on the building blocks of health equity, giving consideration that a patient's background and identity can impact the care they need.

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Our directory is a place for members of our community to discover culturally competent providers who are committed to equitable and inclusive healthcare experiences. Our comprehensive directory connects you with many healthcare professionals who have completed our courses, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide culturally sensitive and humble care.

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Health inequities persist for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations.

8.7% of African American adults received mental health services compared with 18.6% of non-Hispanic white adults.

21.5% of Hispanic adults over age 20 have been diagnosed with diabetes compared with 13% of white adults over age 20.

17.4% of American Indians and Alaska Natives reported having fair or poor health compared with 8.3% of non-Hispanic whites.

Heart disease, cancer, and accidents are the leading causes of death among Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities.

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HUED takes an inside out approach to solving healthcare inequalities by increasing the supply of culturally sensitive providers through our accredited CME/CEU (Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education Unit) platform.

Cultural Competence and Humility
1 Credit
50-60 min

Cultural Competence & Humility

Cultural competence and cultural humility set the stage for inclusive patient communication and treatment in the healthcare setting. Research has also proven that demonstrating cultural competency and humility directly impacts the health inequities faced by marginalized communities. This course will help you to understand the influences of cultural competence and humility during patient visits, and suggest strategies healthcare professionals and organizations can implement in an effort to close the health equity gap.

1 Credit
50-60 min


Research and history demonstrate the role of racism in health equity and health outcomes. From treatment practices to policies, Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities encounter roadblocks to equitable healthcare. This course will help you define the levels of racism that affect patient access and care, describe the impact of structural racism on health inequities, and highlight anti-racist practices, principles, and policies.

Unconscious Bias
1 Credit
50-60 min

Unconscious Bias

Bias is something we all have. Although bias is a natural means of understanding the world around us, research shows it works against the goal of health equity. This course will help you understand how bias plays a role in your ability to provide quality care to patients. The course will define bias and bias types and describe how they appear in healthcare settings; explain the relationship between racial bias and health inequities; and demonstrate strategies for reducing unconscious bias.

Increasing access to quality care

Why breaking barriers is key to your organization

When organizations acknowledge the link between race, poor health, and care management, they are better able to improve equity for everyone they serve.

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