Keeping Your Smile Clean and Healthy

By Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

Say Cheese! Let us see those pearly whites! First impressions are crucial, and many invest and even stress over their smile. In 2019 oral health was the highest priority, with individuals spending on average $128.75 with insurance and up to $900 without coverage.

Keeping up with our oral health is an investment, but it is worth it not only for those smiles on picture day, but your oral and dental health can impact the rest of your body.

Heart health is very closely linked to your oral health!

If your oral health starts to decline, you may be putting yourself at risk for heart disease and strokes. Oral bacteria cause infections that can travel throughout your body, leading to conditions such as endocarditis which leads to blood clots and abnormal heartbeat. Gum disease also impacts our bodies more than we may know and has been linked to dementia, infertility, diabetes, and even prostate complications.

Those tiny bones in your mouth can make a difference, and below are some tips to ensure we are keeping up with our oral health.

  1. Find a dentist, and be sure to keep up with your annual appointments
  2. Brush your teeth two times a day
  3. Make sure to floss
  4. Replace your toothbrush every three months! Yes, we have to be changing our toothbrushes and if you are sick after you recover, change your toothbrush.
  5. When rinsing your mouth, DO NOT use water! You will wash away all the toothpaste you just used. Instead, just spit or use mouthwash.
  6. Limit alcohol and tobacco use

Our oral health requires individual care! The toothpaste that works best for you may not work for someone else. In addition, your gums may be more sensitive, so a softer toothbrush could be beneficial. Be sure to speak to your provider about oral health and the best ways to maintain a healthy smile.

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