Get Youth Moving!

By Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs

With summer coming to a close in the upcoming weeks, we must not shut the door to keep our bodies moving. According to WHO, more than 80% of school-aged adolescents (11-17 years of age) did not meet the recommended one-hour physical activity. The data from this study was released in 2019, before the Covid-19 global pandemic, in which physical activity drastically declined across the board. Therefore, as we prepare for the last few weeks of summer, it is essential to create a daily plan. Below is an infographic by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Keep the Youth Moving:

  1. Try and limit screen-time in the morning and evening to encourage the mind and body to the center.
  2. WATER! Make sure kids are hydrated. Dehydration, as we know, can cause many health conditions and a lack of focus.
  3. You are leading by example! Yes, moving your body through walking, running, dance, or a circuit workout when not only help you but may inspire the kids around you too. Besides, who knows, it may even turn into a fun bonding activity.

Below is an infographic depicting how we can achieve 60 minutes of physical activity with our youth. This graph provided for a research study Start Active, Stay Active, illustrates that these moments of physical activity can be spread throughout the day.

Getting the body moving has a positive impact on both our physical health and even mental health. We encourage everyone to keep this body movement up throughout the day and the seasons! With school quickly approaching, we tend to go back inside but encouraging physical activity, even inside, will help our youth in the long run.

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